Monthly Archives: July 2012

I’m getting old

So, I’m sitting bed, before half ten on a school night. I was crocheting (that makes me sound even older!), but I’m too tired. It’s been a bit of a weird night.

Husband won’t be home for another hour or so, and I’m too tired to wait up. But part of me is struggling to stay awake, you see, when I wake up in the morning, I’ll be 30. And everyone’s made it such a big deal, but in the end, as my lunch plans just got cancelled, it’s the same as any other day, just me and the kids doing our thing. So why am I reluctant to sleep?

Superhero day

Today has become superhero day in my house. This is why I’m sitting on the sofa listening to larger child from his bed to the floor, as that’s his super power. Oh, and did I mention that I’m wearing a mini cape held together by a peg?

It must have slipped my mind… Smaller child is having a nap to get out of this game, and frankly, I don’t blame him! I’m supermammy all day every day by my standards, I don’t need a cape to prove it!

It did provide a cute photo taking opportunity though:


And a slightly hyper 2 year old.

Life’s a beach

I’ve been thinking about where I live a lot lately, I was born in Washington, (UK, to avoid any confusion). I moved to Newcastle for university and Sunderland to live with other half (who is now husband). I’ve lived in Sunderland for nearly 10 years, and like living here, but sometimes I get reminded of why I like it here.

We’d been taking advantage of extended opening hours today and were driving home, when a song came on my iPod. It was by a local band called The Lake Poets, and it’s called City by the Sea. (One thing Sunderland has is a very varied music scene with lots of gigs showcasing local talent). This song resulted in a small detour…

This is why I like living where I do:




Where else could we add 5 minutes onto our drive home and spend an hour running around on the beach in the sunshine?

Annual Haircut and falling off the wagon

So, today I got my haircut. All my money seems to disappear, so I don’t ever often have spare money. So I get it cut as short as possible (so I can still tie it up though, important with small kids). That way it doesn’t get too long. My hair is still at the falling-out-having-just-had-a-baby stage. Hair dresser gave advice – good shampoo, and brush gently.

My mother bought me new conditioner after finding out I had just bought wilkinsons own brand. Well, it was on offer!!

Food wise, the day started well, with porridge and banana. Then it got a little bit bad, at starbucks… I’d like to think a skinny latte isn’t that bad!

Then my mam and stepdad took me out for lunch… I had decide if I was being bad or good.

My logic is this: if I deny myself treats for my birthday (i really don’t ever go out normally), then I’ll be demoralised and less likely to continue. That’s me excuse anyway!

So… A half pint of lager, cheese and bean toastie and chips, skinny latte number 2 and cupcake later…. Then pizza and an icecream for tea. It looks worse in writing!

Back on the wagon tomorrow!!!!!

Husband wants to join me, so we’ll see how that works out for us (hopefully better, as we’ll motivate each other to be good).

In other news, I bought a wine home brew kit for my husband. It was £3. Let’s see what happens with that too.

So, I had a nice day out, no kids for the first time since baba was born, husband enjoyed being trusted with both kids for the first time too. Although I was happy to see that he looked slightly relieved when I got back.

I bought a kids introduction to phonics today as well, it wasn’t how I learnt to read, and I think I need to understand it before my kid starts learning it! You wouldn’t believe I was a qualified teacher, would you?

I’m gonna drink some wine now, and not the tiny weeny glass I had last night! Well, only 2 days of my 20s left!

Super chef!

Today I am officially super chef!

Larger child was at nursery, so I made macaroni cheese for lunch – I keep missing my dairy portions, and having I eat extra late at night. So, I decided to try a ‘healthy’ version for lunch. It was nice, I’d probably try it on the family!

But for best success, is my tea, tomato and bean soup:

It’s very nice, and I’ll definitely make it again. Last night I had an ice cream 🙁 but I was honest on my little ticky box thing, and showed that I’d been bad.

Gonna be better today! It’s nearly 8pm, I still have lots of housework to finish, then I need a bath, as I’m getting a birthday haircut tomorrow. And yes, it has been a year since I got my hair cut (I can’t afford it). My mam is taking me as a birthday present, and we’re going somewhere posh. I really don’t want to turn up smelling like floor cleaner! And we’re going for lunch afterwards, so I’m going to have to be very careful why I eat! I suppose you only turn 30 once, I’ve only got 3 days of my 20’s left…

So, for my ticky boxes, I have 1 carbohydrates, 2 fats, sugar and alcohol, and 4 fluid boxes left to tick.
Shouldn’t be too hard!

Well, food is finished, I need to get the rest of my jobs done, or I’ll be up all night!