Monthly Archives: January 2018

“Take a look at yourself…

… you’re not much use to anyone”

That’s about me this morning.

Missed a bus because I forgot my phone (can’t survive without it if the trains go off) and then the next bus was late, so 2 trains missed. Likely to be late for work also, as no doubt missed connection at other end.

Happy Monday morning everyone!

Work Dread

So… a couple of nice weeks off work end tomorrow 🙁

In addition to the normal work dread, I managed to burn my hand with my hair straighteners. Which hurts. I found my missing work ID (which has only taken 12 weeks), so at least I’ll fit in a bit more.

For our last family day (and first one of this year) we went to a trampoline park. Which was better than I expected! Big Kids had fun, and they even brought out some baby toys for the little one.