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#tynesiderocks once more…

We finally got a chance to get out our ‘rock decorating’ box.

We’re working on a star/Pokemon theme in honour of the weekends meteor shower and my 6 year old’s current obsession.

The baby had some tears about not being allowed to join in, so I let her.

Now I have red hands from wrestling the sharpie from her.

We’ve a couple we found last year that snuck in the box and need to be rehidden too.

Teacher gifts….

So, it’s that time of year again.

Having (usually) cure children, I made pictures and stuck them to wine bottles. That way the teachers won’t forget why they drink!

They are quite cute though. Didn’t get a decent pic of the bottles though.

But I thought they looked ok.

The thing is, I realised when I was putting them in bottle bags this morning that I’d bought low alcohol wine. Sorry teachers (in my defence, I didn’t know it existed!)