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The Siege of Prudhoe Castle…

We decided to check out an English Heritage event and explore a new castle.

The history bit: it’s 1464 and the Yorkists are defeating the Lancastrian army, who William Burgh (guy who holds castle) is loyal to. The rest, I suppose, is History… (really sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

I have to say, I was impressed and so were the kids. The siege was broken into 3 parts, but there was plenty of things going on in between.

Highlights included:

The woman of Northumberland defended the castle with frying pans and hammers


The castle was stormed…


And the boss dude made a plan

There were guns and cannons, swords, archers and grenades. Explosions, shouting and fighting.

And there was music (which my kids actually sat and listened to!!)


Early for school (which is unusual)

The reason? I may have overestimated how long it would take me to vote. Which wasn’t long at all, I spent more time telling the kids off than actually voting!

I have been amused by some kids in the playground who seem to think I’m a teacher. “Miss, he’s riding his bike in yard” I’m like, ‘that’s nice’.

Anyway, I don’t do politics, but you should vote.

And it’s a bit cold, I may have overestimated the sunshine too.

Work Dread

So… a couple of nice weeks off work end tomorrow 🙁

In addition to the normal work dread, I managed to burn my hand with my hair straighteners. Which hurts. I found my missing work ID (which has only taken 12 weeks), so at least I’ll fit in a bit more.

For our last family day (and first one of this year) we went to a trampoline park. Which was better than I expected! Big Kids had fun, and they even brought out some baby toys for the little one.