Monthly Archives: July 2019

Out for a walk…

We saw more creatures and got a little bit rained on. And the tide was in, so we only managed to throw some stones (what is it about throwing stones in water? It keeps kids amused for ages!)

According to the boys, the painted lady butterfly is having a bumper year, there certainly seemed to be millions of them.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure a smack head nearly stole my pushchair, so that was fun!

Durham Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens have been on my ‘to visit’ list for a while, I’ve only heard good things. We all had fun, the only thing I would say is we underestimated the size of the place and didn’t have enough time! Definitely will go back!

This little sunflower had lots of friends…

These ones were fairly normal:

And we decided this one was a mutant:

We met many, many caterpillars (and yes, they were hungry):

Google says they’ll grow up to be cinnabar moths, as opposed to butterflies, so the kids were a little disappointed! I’ll plan a butterfly hunt next time, I guess.


I spent last weekend on the Warwick University campus. It’s very pretty. I only had my camera and no lenses, as I’d tried to pack lightly. I totally regretted my rucksack when everyone else had suitcases though. If I go next year, I’m taking more camera stuff!

I learnt that I’m still terrible at knitting.

As the only people I take pictures of are my kids… there aren’t any pictures of people!

Here are some non human friends I made:

And some pretty bits: