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There are many different kinds of hell, but any soft play area (particularly one attached to a pub/restaurant) during a school holiday definitely counts as hell.

Noise. Overpriced coffee and juice. Sticky floors. Having to take your shoes off and standing in something unidentifiable. Baby getting hit in the head by a plastic ball. Misplacing your kids. Someone ending up in tears. Queuing to find a seat.

You get the idea….

And I paid for this as thisisfun?

Still, it’s bloody freezing outside.

“Take a look at yourself…

… you’re not much use to anyone”

That’s about me this morning.

Missed a bus because I forgot my phone (can’t survive without it if the trains go off) and then the next bus was late, so 2 trains missed. Likely to be late for work also, as no doubt missed connection at other end.

Happy Monday morning everyone!

Work Dread

So… a couple of nice weeks off work end tomorrow 🙁

In addition to the normal work dread, I managed to burn my hand with my hair straighteners. Which hurts. I found my missing work ID (which has only taken 12 weeks), so at least I’ll fit in a bit more.

For our last family day (and first one of this year) we went to a trampoline park. Which was better than I expected! Big Kids had fun, and they even brought out some baby toys for the little one.