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Going to the beach in the snow


So, I felt a bit rubbish today. Which didn’t make much difference to our plans, as largest child goes to football training (if you can call it that when they’re that young?) which he loves. He learns football skills through playing games, there’s lots of running about and stuff, and it tires him out. So we do it every Sunday!

After lunch, both boys napped. Which gave us a problem…

What to do with two reenergised small people on a rainy/snowy/sleety afternoon? Answer- go for a walk on the beach! I’m not mad, honest. I don’t see why we can’t stick our waterproofs on and go for a walk when it rains (which is often). Husband complained. A lot. Which is normal.

But everyone else had fun! And we were warm because, due to the incoming tide, we had to hurry to avoid getting stuck and frequently run to avoid getting wet.

And afterwards we followed a traditional seaside tradition, icecream! The good thing about bad weather is no queues!

How do you get ice cream on your head though?



Little’s – what the hell is that? Face.

It is St Patricks day today also. So another reason for ice cream, as a year ago today I went into labour (and then stopped, and started again 4 days later). And so, this resulted in littlest’s middle name being Patrick. So he got ice cream to celebrate his saints day. Thankfully, there are no snakes round here for him to chase away!

Life’s a beach

I’ve been thinking about where I live a lot lately, I was born in Washington, (UK, to avoid any confusion). I moved to Newcastle for university and Sunderland to live with other half (who is now husband). I’ve lived in Sunderland for nearly 10 years, and like living here, but sometimes I get reminded of why I like it here.

We’d been taking advantage of extended opening hours today and were driving home, when a song came on my iPod. It was by a local band called The Lake Poets, and it’s called City by the Sea. (One thing Sunderland has is a very varied music scene with lots of gigs showcasing local talent). This song resulted in a small detour…

This is why I like living where I do:




Where else could we add 5 minutes onto our drive home and spend an hour running around on the beach in the sunshine?