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Life’s a beach

I’ve been thinking about where I live a lot lately, I was born in Washington, (UK, to avoid any confusion). I moved to Newcastle for university and Sunderland to live with other half (who is now husband). I’ve lived in Sunderland for nearly 10 years, and like living here, but sometimes I get reminded of why I like it here.

We’d been taking advantage of extended opening hours today and were driving home, when a song came on my iPod. It was by a local band called The Lake Poets, and it’s called City by the Sea. (One thing Sunderland has is a very varied music scene with lots of gigs showcasing local talent). This song resulted in a small detour…

This is why I like living where I do:




Where else could we add 5 minutes onto our drive home and spend an hour running around on the beach in the sunshine?