Monthly Archives: February 2015

A little bit of honesty…

Sometimes things suck. I bet you normally pretend they don’t. I know I do. Sometimes there are lots and lots of things that all want to be done at the same time and my brain wants to explode. Sometimes I think I’m on top of everything and things are going ok and am happyish. And then sometimes someone sticks a pin in the happy balloon and it’s all shit rubbish again.

Someone did that to me recently.. Can you tell?

Anyway, this is supposed to be a ‘stuff in general’ post. This thing where I have a plan dictates that I should have done this last week. I didn’t.

So… Stuff in general… Well… Not great if I’m being honest, so I’ll keep it short. Not much to report. Except well… My brain actually hurts. And I need to sleep and it’s really very cold in here.

I give up!


A little fireman watching a car

I decided to try the daily post photo challenge, to try and encourage myself to stick to my shiny new timetable of doing stuff.

This week’s photo challenge was ‘scale’. And whilst I wanted to get out and about at the weekend, or maybe even take my camera outside inside of my iPhone, work and kids preventing me from getting anywhere. There are a million toy figures in my house, but I was making my bed and I found a fireman under it. So he got the job. Poor bloke had to stand on a box to see out of the window though.


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