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Summer is gone

And constant work, stress and rain/wind have arrived.

We did some stuff over the summer…

We saw planes

And a waterfall and climbed on some rocks

Explored a few castles

We fell over a bit

We launched rockets

Went on a boat

Pulled faces

Visited a priory

Met some spiders

Climbed stuff

Made stuff

Met the locals

Learnt about history

Saw trucks

And bikes

And flowers

And trains

and birds

Found a heart

Sat on the back seat

Made a fruit salad

Rode unicorns

And erm, did this:

Made a friend

And I’m sad now. Not just about summer, but because sometimes things suck.

#tynesiderocks once more…

We finally got a chance to get out our ‘rock decorating’ box.

We’re working on a star/Pokemon theme in honour of the weekends meteor shower and my 6 year old’s current obsession.

The baby had some tears about not being allowed to join in, so I let her.

Now I have red hands from wrestling the sharpie from her.

We’ve a couple we found last year that snuck in the box and need to be rehidden too.