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There are many different kinds of hell, but any soft play area (particularly one attached to a pub/restaurant) during a school holiday definitely counts as hell.

Noise. Overpriced coffee and juice. Sticky floors. Having to take your shoes off and standing in something unidentifiable. Baby getting hit in the head by a plastic ball. Misplacing your kids. Someone ending up in tears. Queuing to find a seat.

You get the idea….

And I paid for this as thisisfun?

Still, it’s bloody freezing outside.


*sounds like a band night at a Newcastle pub, but isn’t

I came across this on Facebook, basically, you decorate a rock, write the name of the Facebook group on the back, with a message to ‘keep me or hide me again’. 

I like painting stuff. I’m not very good at though! However, a cheap bag of pebbles and some spray lacquer and the Clan were off!

(One of our creations!)

We started of in a local park, progressed to the caravan park we’re staying in and the local tourist centre garden area.

The kids love it and it’s been nice seeing pictures in the Facebook group of happy people who found our rocks. And even Daddy got involved with it (and he HATES crafts!)

A short one

I don’t normally do politics, but this one is close to my heart. I’m not gonna write a huge list of reasons to sign, there’s an explanation on the petition. All I ask is you sign if you want to and share with others if you want to.

I won’t hate you if you don’t!

please support nurseries and help stop closures! Sign and retweet http://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/closure-of-government-nurseries-1