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Accidental Masha and the Bear…

So I wanted to make a Pixie hat for little, I used the free crochet pattern here, and needless to say, mine didn’t end up quite like the picture. But I still liked it and made her wear it. Then she played with her new goldilocks/bear toy (a bit horrifying really, goldilocks is inside the bear!) and the resemblance the Masha and the Bear was realised!

Going back to work sucks… so does formula, apparently!

So, as it’s nearly time to go back to work, I’ve been trying to prepare the baby for the change. And failing.

3 weeks of trying to get little to drink formula. 2 brands of formula. 2 types of bottle, 5/6 types of sippy/straw/magic cups.

And the baby says no…

In fact the baby spat out the first formula every time… a week later I tried another one. Baby said ‘ok’ (well, not literally, she’s not baby genius) but she drank 20ml. And that was it. Apart from the <gross alert> explosive, mucus filled poops </gross alert> which happening every time I managed to get her to drink a mouthful (and apparently mean she’s intolerant to the formula). Which is all she ever drank.

This culminated in her deciding she wasn’t drinking it anymore. At the start of this week, we’d gone an entire day on a few sips of water. She was crying, I was crying, she was dehydrated but still refusing the formula. So I gave her breastmilk in a bottle. And she downed it. So, we know she can do it if she wants to! So I mixed formula in. She spat it at me.

So now formula has been shelved, poops are normal, baby is happy.. bank balance less happy as I bought an electric pump and paid to have it delivered the next day.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to deal with this at work – I will be spending my lunch breaks stuck in a meeting room with my new machine, being milked like a cow. Awesome.

Random trip -Binchester fort

We got a recommendation for an open day at Binchester fort in Bishop Auckland. We’ve never been, but thought the boys would like it, so went to check it out. 

Unfortunately, I had a camera memory card failure and lots some awesome pictures of the kids with axes, swords and shield and joining the Roman army and defeating barbarians! Absolutely gutted as it was awesome!

Big kid enjoyed the displays – they talked through weapons and army kit and fighting techniques. Little kid found other little kids and made grass mountains (well, you can’t please everyone!).

But they both wanted to join in and be ‘recruited’ to the Roman army and defeat the ‘barbarians’ (some very, very brave volunteers!). They had a fab time and we looked around the rest of the site before going home. 

It definitely was a fun random trip!

Family Fun Day

So, the boys received a donation to ‘do some nice’ last weekend. Unfortunately, we were a bit split up over the weekend (kids birthday parties!) and It was the following Wednesday before we were all together and had a car.

I asked the boys if they wanted to go to a farm they ask to go to every time we drive past, Hall Hill Farm. We’ve not had a proper ‘family fun day’ since baby 3 was born (8 months ago!!!!), so I was hoping they’d enjoy it.

I needn’t have worried, it was much nicer than previous places we’ve been. I’m vegetarian, and always feel sorry for the animals in these places, but feel I should take the kids there to show them exactly what it is they aren’t eating! The animals all looked happy and well cared for, and were in clean surroundings and stuff – I’m no expert, but they seemed happy.

We all had a tractor trailer ride (baby included) and played a family game of crazy golf – two things I’d never actually done before (I lost at crazy golf!).

The boys – held chicks, fed goats and lambs, played inside and out, had a barrel ride, a donkey ride, fired water balloons at each other in a giant inflatable contraption and other things I’ve probably forgotten. (Not to mention hiding their Tyneside rocks as we went – and finding out first one!). The staff were lovely, dealing with hyper kids very well, including the baby by bringing a chick over for her to see (look at her little face!!!), and joking on with the kids.

Definitely a successful family fun day! By the time this publishes, we’ll be having our ‘holiday’ – nearly a whole week together, and the next family fun day is adults choice, so we’ll see where we end up!


*sounds like a band night at a Newcastle pub, but isn’t

I came across this on Facebook, basically, you decorate a rock, write the name of the Facebook group on the back, with a message to ‘keep me or hide me again’. 

I like painting stuff. I’m not very good at though! However, a cheap bag of pebbles and some spray lacquer and the Clan were off!

(One of our creations!)

We started of in a local park, progressed to the caravan park we’re staying in and the local tourist centre garden area.

The kids love it and it’s been nice seeing pictures in the Facebook group of happy people who found our rocks. And even Daddy got involved with it (and he HATES crafts!)