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I Can…

6 has had a bit of a rough patch at school, which has dented his confidence a bit.

We picked our own homework (a ‘wildcard’) this week to try and cheer him up/boost his confidence, I printed pictures of things he’s been up to and he wrote out the captions.

The title is ‘I’m a brave Explorer! I can…’

The content:

  • Explore a castle
  • Cross a river
  • Jump
  • Fly
  • Follow a book through the forest
  • Meet old friends and new
  • Listen, defend, watch and battle
  • Be brave
  • Explore
  • Enjoy the sunshine
  • Be with my family
  • Climb
  • Play
  • Dream

I seem to have something in my eye….

Easter Craft

Easter Craft

Recent horrible weather started our Easter crafts early… luckily we are always pretty well stocked with craft stuff!

We’ve made (so far):

Egg window hangers (make empty egg shape, put in laminate pouch, give kids tissue paper):

Easter wreath: (inspiration from here)

Bunny garland: (ours is a mini version for my office desk – Instructions here)

Handy chicks:

And we totally love Flying Tiger’s Easter tape… after a bit of thought on how to best use it, we decided more bunnies was the way to go: