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Every year we go and see the festival of light… but… the last few years they have been a bit well.. to quote the large child ‘the same as last time and a bit broken’.

I was lucky enough to win a family ticket to this year’s festival, which has moved back into a park in the city centre.

The kids had a great time, we met reindeer and they held an owl… we got reindeer food for Christmas Eve and drew calendars.. we ended up with a hot chocolate to warm us up before we came home.

So.. the vote was it’s definitely an improvement, well done Sunderland Council!

Out for a walk…

We saw more creatures and got a little bit rained on. And the tide was in, so we only managed to throw some stones (what is it about throwing stones in water? It keeps kids amused for ages!)

According to the boys, the painted lady butterfly is having a bumper year, there certainly seemed to be millions of them.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure a smack head nearly stole my pushchair, so that was fun!