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Too tired to be a domestic goddess today

Or any other day really. The kids did a tag team thing to keep us awake last night. The tiredness is now setting in. It’s easy to see how I put weight on, I’ve been using sugar to keep me awake! As I’m limited to 4 portions of fatty/sugary stuff, I’ve used one to have spread on my toast at breakfast, and one to have a post-lunch digestive biscuit. I baba is having a nap, but larger child seems to have plenty of energy. How come he isn’t tired?? I’m so tired my head hurts!!

On another note, my super super healthy lunch:

Spelt, lentils, brown rice and vegetables! Getting better, methinks!

I have lots of housework, but I’m sitting on the sofa, struggling to be awake. Don’t you just love kids?

Eat your breakfast, or we can’t go out!

That’s what I seem to say at least 90 times every morning! Why don’t toddlers eat? It’s only toast! I’m waiting for him to realise that I am more stubborn than him, and will wait him out.

Anyway, I downloaded the NHS BMI app this morning, and it linked to some podcasts that I downloaded too. I figure I can listen to them in when husband’s at football. There’s a set designed for you to listen to when you’re training to start running, apparently, it guides you through when you should be walking/running and builds you up over time. However, I can’t see me jogging up the high street with my double pushchair! You have to commit to 3 days a week, with a day off in between. Gonna talk to husband, but that seems impossible to fit in with the schedule unless I take the kids with me!

Daddy Day Care and the start of Week Two!

So, Wednesday is historically ‘daddy daycare’ – the day husband looked after larger child while I was at work. I’m tagging along while on mat leave, the schedule is roughly:

Soft play
Sainsburys lunch

That’s why today is my best day for getting healthy. As long as I can fit in feeding the baba, I can get away with doing some ‘me’ stuff. Like weight loss group. I went today, and the focus was portions, I basically need to eat more fruit (I have already been trying). And measure stuff out, and eat more dairy.

I feel like I’ve kinda eaten more than I normally would, in trying to get the right amounts of the right stuff, but I’ve nearly hit all of my ticky boxes!


I think it’ll be easier on a normal day, when I’m having snacks with the kids during the day. I made my short term goal to eat more fruit – I’ve started this, but want to keep the momentum going. I have to fill in the ticky boxes every day too, I suppose it’s to help you learn until it becomes automatic.

Next week I’ll start the exercise part after the diet class bit, so I’ll see how that goes!

Exercise this week was Zumba, it was silly hot, and I didn’t feel as good, but it was nice to have some time out! I was a little achy from the Zumba DVDs the other day, this is the first time my stomach muscles have ached since being pregnant, so I’m actually kinda glad!!! It’s now 22:41 and I’m trying to get baba to settle back down to sleep, I’m now getting tired.

Foodwise, I made porridge, yoghurt and fruit for brekkie (sounds odd, but it works and I counted the yoghurt as a dairy portion). Another change4life recipe, everyone else ate it too.

I did sainsburys for lunch, giant cous cous and goat’s cheese salad, which was nice, and noodles and veg for tea.

So, not too bad really, a little bit of choccie and a biscuit as a treat. Off to a good start, going to bed full up, but will I be able to keep up the momentum?

Wanted to start a new exercise class tomorrow, I think my back is up to it, but husband got in first with a game of squash. I did point out that he played football on Monday and Tuesday, but apparently it’s too soon for my to risk for back! Ha! Next week I shall kick his ass, and go to a new class!

Weight wise, I put on 1lb since last week. I choose to believe that’s cos I didn’t have time to feed the baby before class! But it’s more likely to be the meal out and alcohol from the weekend. Well, it was an early birthday celebration, and you only turn 30 once!

Too damn hot! And I’m not a yummy mummy

It’s hot. Too hot for cooking. But I did anyway.

My first attempt and not-chicken and sweet corn soup:


I actually like it too. Child is also eating it. The same child who refused his cornflakes because there wasn’t enough sugar on them! (that’s not something I do, hence him refusing to eat).

On another note, my exercise today was a walk to asda. With the double pushchair. All fine until you add carrying the shopping to that! I nearly broke my arm with a basket full of milk and tins, trying to push the pushchair at the same time. In the past, I would have left it on the way in, (putting the kids in a trolley, obviously!) but the shop is being extended, and there’s no space anywhere.

I have cbeebies on for large child at the minute, but there’s something wrong. We were expecting balamory, and got the news headlines instead. I’d imagine there’s a few terrified toddlers out there today!

Taking baba for injections soon. Not looking forward to it! I can handle the actually meanness of holding him while they jab needles in him, but am stressed by other people. Anyone who makes a comment if when my children are noisy annoys me a lot. Do these people realise that a grumpy 2 year old is normal? (ok, the fact that he’s the size of a 4 year doesn’t help). We’ll see how we go, if baba’s not too ill (he got poorly last time round) then I might get a chance to update later.

*about 8 hours pass*

I’m now supposed to be reading my stuff for fat club weight loss support group tomorrow. And yet somehow I end up on my phone!

It turns out larger child was a bit noisy, but well behaved enough to earn his bribe of a lollipop on the way out of the doctors. I’ve been cutting down on the amount of sugar he has, so he appreciates treats more. That’s he theory, anyway!

He’s been poorly all afternoon (details not required and really gross), and I managed to get him to drink a whole cup of dioralyte (rehydration stuff), by putting juice in it. Unfortunately, it’s largely made up of salts and sugars, so he went a bit mental after bedtime stories, despite telling me “I’m just a bit sleepy” – owners of 2 year olds will probably agree with me, that isn’t normal toddler talk!

Small one screamed at the two ladies who stuck a needle in each leg, cheered up quite quickly, but grumped when we got home. A dose of calpol later, and he’s asleep, but still a bit too warm for my liking. But then again, so am I, it’s hot as hell in here.

On the subject of calpol…. I was at a baby group, and the subject came up. Turns out I’m a bad parent for not finding the special colour free version of it. Well, that’s not exactly what was said, but I felt that way! But surely these things cost more? My kids never miss out on anything they need, but i’m never gonna be a yummy mummy, I’m too poor. My baby sling (up to now, I’m getting one off eBay for my birthday) has been a quilt cover cut up. It’s worked very well. It’s just not as pretty as some of the ones other people have. There’s a sling library round here, but you have to put the value of the sling as a deposit. I don’t have that much money just hanging around! And I can’t be a yummy mummy because I carry my baby on buses. Yes. Public transport. Yummy mummies seem unfamiliar with this concept, giving road directions to everywhere and recommending baby groups in the arse end of nowhere.

And then I say, well, I can’t drive. And everyone looks at me like I’ve said something awful…

That’s why I’ll never be a yummy mummy, as they pop there babas into slings straight from their car seats, and walk in with make up (yes, they find time to wear it) intact, and I wheel my monstrous 2 seater pushchair in, hot, sweaty and stressed from the walk and bus journey, no make up covering my post natal spot outbreak, and usually sporting someone’s breakfast or some baby sick somewhere on my outfit.

So, anyway… I think I’ll stick with being me!

Trying to get back on track

I decided to be all sensible today, so…

Shredded wheat and dried cranberries for breakfast
Whole wheat noodles, onion, sweet corn, quorn pieces and tomato purée for lunch
Egg noodles, a quorn burger and fruit salad for tea

Then husband hands me a bloody icecream (boo!)

So, beginner Zumba and abs, buns and thighs DVDs later… I feel a bit sick now though!



My folder from weight loss group. Wear fit, in Sunderland… Get it?

Someone tell me it’ll be worth it in the end…