Days 1 and 2

Of going out and freezing our arses off…

It’s the time of year when a gym session would be nicer than a snowy treck along the beach, but we met a doggie from Romania and picked up a bag of rubbish.. couldn’t have done that at the gym!

Got my crojo back

Among us dudes.. no, I don’t know what they are either, but the kids keep asking for them

King Lizard, or Mr Gecko, inspired by a colleague’s message on a particularly shit day at work

The Child/Grugo/baby Yoda.. whatever the fuck it is (more husband requested than child)

‘Picklechu’ I’m not even gonna try and explain this one… they ask, I provide

Pickletta/Rose / Made on request from girl/child

I’m now making a blanket, followed by another blanket, followed by.. a blanket. And whatever random creatures get requested in between. I may have ordered Black Friday wool, I’m literally tripping over it.