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Getting there slowly, maybe?

So, today was fat class weight loss class, and I lost another couple of pounds. Which is better than I expected!

Today we learnt about the different kinds of fat, which I genuinely didn’t know too much about before today. So that was interesting. It’s swimming on a Wednesday afternoon. I haven’t been in the pool since going back to work after having my first son, and haven’t worn a swimming costume since I was about 4 months pregnant. So… Today I did both. Kinda brave, I thought. Especially as I’m one of very few people who can’t swim. I get scared, and sink.

Now, sunderland has a very nice swimming pool, in a shiny and still relatively new aquatic centre. I know this, as I’ve sat in the spectators area. And felt slightly ill. So we stick with the nice small pool near us, and I still got nervous about going in with my 4 month old (his first time, and he loved it). Oh, and just for the record, my complete lack of water confidence is due to a bad childhood experience. I’ve had lessons and stuff but it just boils down to the fact that as soon as my feet leave the floor, I panic. So I gave up, and currently work on trying not to pass that trait onto my kids.

After swimming, McDonald’s, to keep the boys happy. I may have eaten a veggie wrap. But I was hungry! Then of to Zumba for some torture exercise, which was ok. Stupidly hot and slightly painful, but unless I keep going through the pain, I won’t feel better.

Still not taking the blood pressure tablets the doctor prescribed. BP tonight was 109/87. I can’t see anything wrong with that!! Keeping a close eye on it, as I don’t have a death wish, just white coat syndrome!

My husband is snoring really, really loudly, I’m off to see if I can sleep through it. Or poke him ’til he stops. Either works for me! ‘night folks!

Super chef!

Today I am officially super chef!

Larger child was at nursery, so I made macaroni cheese for lunch – I keep missing my dairy portions, and having I eat extra late at night. So, I decided to try a ‘healthy’ version for lunch. It was nice, I’d probably try it on the family!

But for best success, is my tea, tomato and bean soup:

It’s very nice, and I’ll definitely make it again. Last night I had an ice cream 🙁 but I was honest on my little ticky box thing, and showed that I’d been bad.

Gonna be better today! It’s nearly 8pm, I still have lots of housework to finish, then I need a bath, as I’m getting a birthday haircut tomorrow. And yes, it has been a year since I got my hair cut (I can’t afford it). My mam is taking me as a birthday present, and we’re going somewhere posh. I really don’t want to turn up smelling like floor cleaner! And we’re going for lunch afterwards, so I’m going to have to be very careful why I eat! I suppose you only turn 30 once, I’ve only got 3 days of my 20’s left…

So, for my ticky boxes, I have 1 carbohydrates, 2 fats, sugar and alcohol, and 4 fluid boxes left to tick.
Shouldn’t be too hard!

Well, food is finished, I need to get the rest of my jobs done, or I’ll be up all night!

Sunshine on a Saturday!

So today we went shopping for birthday presents, it was just me and the kids, as husband is at work. The sun is actually out!! Yay!!

Presents bought, and home to feed children. Husband finishes work in an hour, so we’re watching police academy and eating veggie hotdogs while we wait. I haven’t investigated the nutritional value of veggie hotdogs yet, but it was low fat cheese and granary bread, at least. Anyway, the diet change bit doesn’t start till next week. And the lady was talking about us eating more, not less. Could be interesting!

A rare child free night tonight, so I may be partaking in consumption of alcohol. After all, it is a birthday meal for me! All bottles are sterilised, and frozen boob milk is defrosting as I type.