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Summer is gone

And constant work, stress and rain/wind have arrived.

We did some stuff over the summer…

We saw planes

And a waterfall and climbed on some rocks

Explored a few castles

We fell over a bit

We launched rockets

Went on a boat

Pulled faces

Visited a priory

Met some spiders

Climbed stuff

Made stuff

Met the locals

Learnt about history

Saw trucks

And bikes

And flowers

And trains

and birds

Found a heart

Sat on the back seat

Made a fruit salad

Rode unicorns

And erm, did this:

Made a friend

And I’m sad now. Not just about summer, but because sometimes things suck.

Crochet roundup….

I love love love this Unicorn pattern from hobbycraft (also one of my favourite shops) I will definitely be keeping and eye on their website for future patterns!

I also used the unicorn head to make Baba a ‘lovey’, I skipped the mane though, as she’d eat it!

And moving on from the Amish puzzle ball we tried, we moved into the Flower ball version, which is pretty too, and baba likes it!

I also did a little needle felting… For a unicorn fan (excuse the mess on this one! I’d been shopping)

Playing with gimp*

My child may not forgive me for this when she’s older, but I’m out of practice and wanted something to mess about with…

*gimp – GNU Image Manipulation program, not the other other kind. If you were looking for that, you’re way, way off target and possibly a bit odd, but each to their own and all that….