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Homemade Halloween

I really like Halloween!

And I got to make stuff for a little display this year (sadly I can’t take photos).

It started with little pumpkins..

Then a few spiders crept in..

Inspiration from here

And some other little dudes..

And I needed some little things to hang up…

I didn’t follow instructions, but there are some here

Crochet and needle felt flowers:

Inspiration from here and here

Ickle Baby:

And baby’s toys:

And some more pumpkins:

And a spidey web

And a little wreath:

copied from here

And this super cute tombstone thingy:

Actual pattern here

I made a dress!

Ok, it’s not a proper person size…

But it still counts, right?

It’s based on this pattern, but I made the top a bit different, I sort of made it up as I went though. I used a different border to trim the bottom, I went for a square trim instead of the one in the pattern.

She seems to like it though!

Yarn: yarn fair poppet bright colours (I think it’s discontinued now though)

Pattern is here

I still can’t sew…

Before I went back to work (6 1/2 months ago!), I had started sewing a tiny patchwork quilt. It had gone a bit wrong and ended up spending some time in storage. I dug it out to unpick the broken bit and repin it in the hope of getting a bit done over Easter. When I got it back out, I realised I’d already done that at some point (should I worry that I can’t remember????) and it just needed some sewing to finish.

So… guess what I did tonight? I still can’t sew though, but it’s acceptable for a first attempt. Well, I think so anyway! The original plan was to crochet around the outside, but the best way I think of to do that is to sew a blanket stitch around. And that isn’t happening tonight!