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Random acts

A while ago I read about a lady who made little crochet flowers and left them places to makes people smile. Recently I found a groups called ‘random acts of crochet kindness’ where people make little things and hide/leave them for people to find. Having been through painted and hiding rocks with the kids, we’ve ran out of rocks and patience (that last bit might be me with the painted 700 under coats of white), I thought it might me fun. And possibly functional.. since I discovered ‘mystery yarn bundles’ last year, I’ve had more of an organised yarn/wool stash. However, I haven’t got the space for it. I’m not saying I have a problem, but most people don’t have a family laundry hamper full of random yarn. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But it’d be nice to use some of it up.

So I decided to make things and let the kids ‘hide’ them places. We’ve a good assembly line going, each one gets packed in a little bag with a label and string to tie it up. My 4 year old doesn’t quite get the ‘secret’ part though.

We’ve hidden quite a few over the last few weeks, and the first one was posted in the Facebook group (kids are v happy). I guess we made at least 1 person smile!

Got my crojo back

Among us dudes.. no, I don’t know what they are either, but the kids keep asking for them
King Lizard, or Mr Gecko, inspired by a colleague’s message on a particularly shit day at work
The Child/Grugo/baby Yoda.. whatever the fuck it is (more husband requested than child)
‘Picklechu’ I’m not even gonna try and explain this one… they ask, I provide
Pickletta/Rose / Made on request from girl/child

I’m now making a blanket, followed by another blanket, followed by.. a blanket. And whatever random creatures get requested in between. I may have ordered Black Friday wool, I’m literally tripping over it.

Homemade Halloween

I really like Halloween!

And I got to make stuff for a little display this year (sadly I can’t take photos).

It started with little pumpkins..

Then a few spiders crept in..

Inspiration from here

And some other little dudes..

And I needed some little things to hang up…

I didn’t follow instructions, but there are some here

Crochet and needle felt flowers:

Inspiration from here and here

Ickle Baby:

And baby’s toys:

And some more pumpkins:

And a spidey web

And a little wreath:

copied from here

And this super cute tombstone thingy:

Actual pattern here