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I made a dress!

Ok, it’s not a proper person size…

But it still counts, right?

It’s based on this pattern, but I made the top a bit different, I sort of made it up as I went though. I used a different border to trim the bottom, I went for a square trim instead of the one in the pattern.

She seems to like it though!

Yarn: yarn fair poppet bright colours (I think it’s discontinued now though)

Pattern is here

I still can’t sew…

Before I went back to work (6 1/2 months ago!), I had started sewing a tiny patchwork quilt. It had gone a bit wrong and ended up spending some time in storage. I dug it out to unpick the broken bit and repin it in the hope of getting a bit done over Easter. When I got it back out, I realised I’d already done that at some point (should I worry that I can’t remember????) and it just needed some sewing to finish.

So… guess what I did tonight? I still can’t sew though, but it’s acceptable for a first attempt. Well, I think so anyway! The original plan was to crochet around the outside, but the best way I think of to do that is to sew a blanket stitch around. And that isn’t happening tonight!

Crochet roundup….

I love love love this Unicorn pattern from hobbycraft (also one of my favourite shops) I will definitely be keeping and eye on their website for future patterns!

I also used the unicorn head to make Baba a ‘lovey’, I skipped the mane though, as she’d eat it!

And moving on from the Amish puzzle ball we tried, we moved into the Flower ball version, which is pretty too, and baba likes it!

I also did a little needle felting… For a unicorn fan (excuse the mess on this one! I’d been shopping)