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Oh Christmas Tree…

So.. I wanted a little tree for my desk at work. After a bit of searching, I found the pattern for Penny the Pine Tree.

I added some ‘tinsel’ – sparkly yarn (crochet chain) and some ‘baubles’ – needle deleted balls (if you’ve been reading – that’s what they were for!)

I’m quite happy with how it turned out, I’m sure it’ll make my desk look Christmassy!

Santa goes to church?

I’ve just seen a notice on a church I passed, advertising coffee mornings with Santa. It said ‘see Santa arrive on his fire engine and visit him in his grotto’.

When did Santa get a fire engine? 

And when did he start going to church?

I’m not at all religious, but I thought that Santa and Jesus didn’t really mix. I mean, I get a Xmas card every year from my Nan and she always write “remember it’s baby Jesus’ birthday”

Anyway, it just confused me a bit…

As it’s approaching that particularly  rubbish time of year, it’s time to dust off something from a few years ago about how Christmas is stressful. Because it is!

Christmas is stressful

Christmas stresses me out. There, I said it.

We have no money most of the year, but at Christmas, it gets ridiculous. Already stretched budgets get more pressure, more millions of people everywhere. I’m not going to go on about commercialism and all of that stuff, or whine about worrying about keeping us all fed.

Instead, I’m going to share some advice I got in a Christmas card, from a local mental health charity, Mind (Washington). More about them here.

So, anyway.. Their 7 top tips are:
1. Drink sensibly – alcohol is a depressant, drinking excessively causes low mood.
2. Eat healthily – healthy diet can improve mood and overall Wellbeing.
3. Be active – gentle exercise can reduce anxiety, lift mood, and improve self esteem.
4. Get involved – being around other people is important to improving physical and mental Wellbeing.
5. Relax – try listening to relaxing music, a relaxation CD and/or control your breathing.
6. Sleep – try to establish a routine for bedtime.
7. Challenge yourself – set an achievable goal for something you can do over the Christmas period.

I intend to have a go at these, and my challenge for myself is too not get too stressed! We’ll see how that goes.

From me and my lot…

Happy Xmas/Holidays/Time off work!

Whatever religion/non religion you belong to!