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Santa goes to church?

I’ve just seen a notice on a church I passed, advertising coffee mornings with Santa. It said ‘see Santa arrive on his fire engine and visit him in his grotto’.

When did Santa get a fire engine? 

And when did he start going to church?

I’m not at all religious, but I thought that Santa and Jesus didn’t really mix. I mean, I get a Xmas card every year from my Nan and she always write “remember it’s baby Jesus’ birthday”

Anyway, it just confused me a bit…

As it’s approaching that particularly  rubbish time of year, it’s time to dust off something from a few years ago about how Christmas is stressful. Because it is!


I get bored sometimes…


Sometimes people will compliments me on something I’ve made. I don’t respond to compliments very well. I used to respond with ‘I get bored sometimes’… I’ve managed to stretch that to the slightly more socially acceptable ‘thanks, I get bored sometimes’. But my social ineptitude is sometimes impossible to hide.

Anyhow, I made Mr Octopus over a couple of nights after work whilst watching TV. He’s a pattern from a book, I got a bargain on some sock wool (the best stuff for monster making) and had to test it.

In other news, my fridge-freezer gave up and the end of last week, which wasn’t good as I couldn’t afford a new one. Santa is helping though (he gets earlier every year) and a new one arrives tomorrow. A different santa helped when our washing machine stopped washing just before Christmas. I like Santa.

Someone on Facebook posted something which describes my financial status… He said ‘I dropped a pound coin under the car seat and couldn’t find it, so I guess I have savings now’

It made me chuckle, anyway.

Well, enough rambling for tonight! G’night folks!