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#tynesiderocks once more…

We finally got a chance to get out our ‘rock decorating’ box.

We’re working on a star/Pokemon theme in honour of the weekends meteor shower and my 6 year old’s current obsession.

The baby had some tears about not being allowed to join in, so I let her.

Now I have red hands from wrestling the sharpie from her.

We’ve a couple we found last year that snuck in the box and need to be rehidden too.

Easter Craft

Easter Craft

Recent horrible weather started our Easter crafts early… luckily we are always pretty well stocked with craft stuff!

We’ve made (so far):

Egg window hangers (make empty egg shape, put in laminate pouch, give kids tissue paper):

Easter wreath: (inspiration from here)

Bunny garland: (ours is a mini version for my office desk – Instructions here)

Handy chicks:

And we totally love Flying Tiger’s Easter tape… after a bit of thought on how to best use it, we decided more bunnies was the way to go:


*sounds like a band night at a Newcastle pub, but isn’t

I came across this on Facebook, basically, you decorate a rock, write the name of the Facebook group on the back, with a message to ‘keep me or hide me again’. 

I like painting stuff. I’m not very good at though! However, a cheap bag of pebbles and some spray lacquer and the Clan were off!

(One of our creations!)

We started of in a local park, progressed to the caravan park we’re staying in and the local tourist centre garden area.

The kids love it and it’s been nice seeing pictures in the Facebook group of happy people who found our rocks. And even Daddy got involved with it (and he HATES crafts!)