Getting there slowly, maybe?

So, today was fat class weight loss class, and I lost another couple of pounds. Which is better than I expected!

Today we learnt about the different kinds of fat, which I genuinely didn’t know too much about before today. So that was interesting. It’s swimming on a Wednesday afternoon. I haven’t been in the pool since going back to work after having my first son, and haven’t worn a swimming costume since I was about 4 months pregnant. So… Today I did both. Kinda brave, I thought. Especially as I’m one of very few people who can’t swim. I get scared, and sink.

Now, sunderland has a very nice swimming pool, in a shiny and still relatively new aquatic centre. I know this, as I’ve sat in the spectators area. And felt slightly ill. So we stick with the nice small pool near us, and I still got nervous about going in with my 4 month old (his first time, and he loved it). Oh, and just for the record, my complete lack of water confidence is due to a bad childhood experience. I’ve had lessons and stuff but it just boils down to the fact that as soon as my feet leave the floor, I panic. So I gave up, and currently work on trying not to pass that trait onto my kids.

After swimming, McDonald’s, to keep the boys happy. I may have eaten a veggie wrap. But I was hungry! Then of to Zumba for some torture exercise, which was ok. Stupidly hot and slightly painful, but unless I keep going through the pain, I won’t feel better.

Still not taking the blood pressure tablets the doctor prescribed. BP tonight was 109/87. I can’t see anything wrong with that!! Keeping a close eye on it, as I don’t have a death wish, just white coat syndrome!

My husband is snoring really, really loudly, I’m off to see if I can sleep through it. Or poke him ’til he stops. Either works for me! ‘night folks!

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