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Eat your breakfast, or we can’t go out!

That’s what I seem to say at least 90 times every morning! Why don’t toddlers eat? It’s only toast! I’m waiting for him to realise that I am more stubborn than him, and will wait him out.

Anyway, I downloaded the NHS BMI app this morning, and it linked to some podcasts that I downloaded too. I figure I can listen to them in when husband’s at football. There’s a set designed for you to listen to when you’re training to start running, apparently, it guides you through when you should be walking/running and builds you up over time. However, I can’t see me jogging up the high street with my double pushchair! You have to commit to 3 days a week, with a day off in between. Gonna talk to husband, but that seems impossible to fit in with the schedule unless I take the kids with me!