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Crochet 101 – sc in the round

Working in the round with Single Crochet

Note: This post is written using US terms, for UK crocheters, replace each single crochet (sc) with a double crochet (dc)

If you’ve gotten the hang of working in rows, and counting your stitches, it’s time to try something different….

A few tips:

  • Use a stitch marker to mark either the first or last stitch in a row, so you don’t get lost.

  • You can either join the last sc in the row to the first, using a slip stitch and then chain 1 to start the next row, or simply continue to work round in a spiral. It doesn’t make a lot of difference, as long as you use a stitch marker to count your rows, I think that working in a spiral makes a nicer pattern.

 Pen Pot


 Chain 2

  1. 6sc in the 2nd ch from the hook (6sc)

  2. 2sc in each sc (12sc)

  3. 1sc in next sc, 2sc in next sc, to end (18 sc)

  4. 1sc in next 2sc, 2sc in next st (24sc)

  5. 1sc in next 3sc, 2sc in next st (30sc)

  6. 1sc in next 4sc, 2sc in next st (36sc)

  7. sc in back loops only round (36sc)

8-20 sc round (36 sc each row)

To finish – slip stitch in next sc, fasten off.

Roll a piece of card inside your pot to make it more sturdy.

Why not try:

  • Changing colours to make a stripy pot

  • Making different sized pots to hold different things

Crochet 101 – Cup Holder

Cup holder

Note: This pattern is written in US terms, for UK terms, crochet a dc wherever an sc is mentioned.


  • ch11

  1. sc in second ch from hook
  2. sc to end (10sc)
  3. *1ch turn, 10 sc in backloops of previous row
  4. Repeat from * 34 times
  5. Join with slip stitches to at end of rows

Fasten off!

Find coffee, use to stop hand from burning 🙂

Adjust pattern by reducing or increasing rows for a smaller or larger cup.

Crochet 101 – Single Crochet – How to

Single Crochet

Single Crochet, (abbreviated as sc) – US terms.

Double Crochet (dc) – UK terms

Start with a chain of your desired length (this is however many single crochet stitches you want to make, plus 1 extra chain stitch)

1. Insert hook in the second chain from the hook and yo


2. Pull the loop you just made through the next one, yo again


3. Pull the loop you just made through the other 2 loops. 


You have completed your first single crochet stitch. Insert your hook in the next chain stitch to continue.