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So the daily prompt today is ‘finite’

I have so many posts scheduled that I’m supposed to be letting them do their thing and not adding more…. But…

And the email pinged as I listened to the very end of ‘In May’, as sung by the divine (sorry) Neil Hannon (see here).

In May is basically letters from a dying son to his Dad set wonderfully to some very beautiful music. 

Which makes you think of how finite some things really are.

So, when the email ‘pinged’, I had to write this, because, well, synchronicity at the very least. 

I bought this music when it was released, just over a year ago. I listened to it mostly on my commute to work (which I stopped to have baba last December), so it brings back ‘early morning train journey’ memories. 

Due to the length of the album it’s included with, the first few tracks remind me of the walking to the office from the station in the pitch black and freezing cold, trying to breath through my nose, cos the air was freezing, feeling awful because of meds/morning sickness etc which was all finite (cos I sure as hell won’t be doing the pregnant but again!). I’d usually arrive in the office with bits of melody and music stuck in my head (‘are there parks for children in Los Angeles?’) and a vague sad feeling to go with my feeling ill.

In a little while, I’ll be starting the commute again, to an office somewhere, for a bit…

For now I shall sit here and feel vaguely sad.