Day 0

So, today I went to a group weight loss session and talked about the eat well plate. Basically, it’s what the government or whoever say we should eat; more starchy stuff and veg, less protein and dairy, and even less fat/sugary stuff.

All fairly common sense really, but I did learn something new. Apparently, 1 meat sausage would equate to the fat levels of 4 quorn sausages! I’m glad I’m a veggie.

Also been to physio today, which hurt. But, I should be all better in six weeks, which is good. Currently in the leisure centre cafe, watching husband and larger child in the swimming pool. Small child is trying to eat a toy.

Next stop is Zumba, and I’m hoping the positive result from physio means I’ll be better. However, I’m meeting my sister in law there, which changes it a bit. I don’t mind making an idiot of myself when there’s no one I know there, it’s different when there’s someone I know there too. Now I need to go feed smaller child, he’s yelling at his toy.

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