Playing with gimp*

My child may not forgive me for this when she’s older, but I’m out of practice and wanted something to mess about with…

*gimp – GNU Image Manipulation program, not the other other kind. If you were looking for that, you’re way, way off target and possibly a bit odd, but each to their own and all that….

Invisible Pregnant Person Syndrome

It’s a real thing, you know. It causes all pregnant women to become invisible when on crowded trains and buses. Particularly when standing near ‘priority seats’ or other such areas.

Luckily, I’m usually only susceptible to it on Tuesdays, when I finish work earlier to collect the boys. 

Symptoms include:

  • Calling people bad names (but only in your head)
  • General ouchiness related to being the size of a whale, but attempting to do an advanced form of standing-up-yoga to stay on your feet
  • The dreaded overheating, whilst being unable to remove your coat/scarf ensemble
  • Being too embarrassed to ask for a seat (is this a British thing? Do pregnant people in other countries have the same problem?)
  • Wearing a badge that also becomes invisible on busy methods of transport.


I don’t like labels, and try not to live up to other people’s ideas of who/what I am. But I seem to have attracted a few recently….

Pregnant getting fat big boned hypertensive increased BMI OCD shy antisocial diabetic paranoid overwrought hyper-sensitive sensible overweight old

There’s probably many more

Like I said.. I don’t like labels

The Darkness is Coming…

So, my smallest (who’s 4) wanted to try out my headphones. I was cautious, knowing that mine are a hell or a lot louder than his ‘kid friendly’ ones, and most stuff I listen to is quite loud. But, I recently bought the album Foreverland (which is a whole post in itself) and got the ‘classical’ recording of ‘In May’ with it. So thought, he can listen to the introduction of that.

He likes my headphones apparently they are ‘squishier’ than his. His comments on the music? ‘It sounds like the darkness is coming’

A little bit creepy, right?

Repeat experiment, play introduction in the car… Ask again… Response:

‘It’s the darkness coming, it’s like dark magic and it’s gonna make a person be died’
In May is a person singing letters from a person who is dying of cancer. And he’s never heard it before (because of that).