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Please do not worry

Evil people lurk

I guess I’m having ‘a spot of bad luck’. Or something of the sort.

But earlier this week, an innocuous looking cashpoint refused to give me any money. Here it is:

It looks fine, right? But after I slept in on Tuesday, I left in a hurry. I had 6 minutes to go til the train came. I needed money. I asked it nicely, it seemed to be working… I got my card back and then… nothing. Followed by some growling noises. (The machine not me). A phone call to the number said I’d get my money back automatically. So I keep an eye on my account. Which is good, because I noticed when a penny came out. I was at work, husband phoned bank, end result – I no longer have a debit card. Wonderful.

Jump forward 2 days to this morning, and a random thing texts me and thanks me for signing up with something (I most certainly did not). And relieves me of £4.50.

So I’m starting to feel a bit paranoid…

This dude was hanging about the station tonight (after I missed the train because my bus didn’t show up):

That can’t be a good sign, can it?

I mean, just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you.


Anyway, I’ll leave you with the words of my helpful 3 advisor this evening:

A terrifying picture…

This picture scares me:


It looks like it’s simply the innocent scribbling a of a young child, which is kind of true. Until said child explains what the picture is.

It’s called “picture of mammy with two babies in her tummy”

Just in case you’re wondering, mammy does not have two babies in her tummy. She has no babies in her tummy. Which is good. Babies cost money (which mammy does not have) and another one would mean the end of working mammy, as childcare cost lots. Which is why the prospect of two at once is simply terrifying!

There followed much conversation about where the inspiration for this picture came from…

Long story short, my kid wants more younger siblings.

Keep wishing kid!

When’s payday again?

How come the last week before payday is so miserable?

And how come I can’t give up sugar?

And how come it’s raining today?

I was having fun at the beach 🙁

So, anyway, we’re plodding on. Not doing to well on the food and exercise front, the food part is purely my lack of self control, the exercise part is the lack of babysitters and weather going dodgy.

Right now everyone in my house is having a nap and I can’t sleep. I’m really tired though. But nevermind! We’ve been to the beach, until the rain came.

Larger child had fun, we were there last night too, I took him for a paddle in the sea. I’m glad I live near the sea, it makes for good child amusement! They showed a movie in a local park last night, I tried to talk husband into going, but he wouldn’t go see dirty dancing. I think he’d have probably spent most of the time playing football with child anyway, so I’m gonna work on him for next time!!

The seaside:





I had a bit of a vigilante moment this week…. I’ve noticed an increase in ‘scrap men’ on the streets, picking up metal to sell. A while back, one even knocked on my door and asked if some stuff in my yard was rubbish. For the clarification of any Americans, when I say yard, I mean area of concrete with ten foot wall around it.

So anyway, i’m in the house with the baby while the larger child is at nursery, and suddenly my cats come running in the house. I look out of the window, and I see a man climbing out of my yard, with larger child’s highchair (it was left out there).

So, I grabbed the baby, my keys, and my phone and gave chase! They promptly dumped the highchair, but I took some lovely pictures of their truck. Which I have to the nice policeman who came shortly afterwards.

Then a bit later I realised that chasing a truck full of men armed with an iPhone and a baby might not have been a good idea.. But nevermind! I hope the police scare them, because I haven’t felt very safe in my own home since then, and that sucks. Well, such is life! Anyway, time to go dry my hair, I’m in a phase of pretending to be girly. (I can try, I might convince someone).