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Progress report


This is me, today. I had lost 1 lb. The lady had converted my weight from kg wrongly, I think. So, I didn’t gain weight, but I didn’t speed up my weight loss either, I slowed it down.

I’m not making excuses, but I think it’s been harder to control my diet as I’m weaning the littlest. Feeding him used to give me an extra 500 (roughly) calories a day, which helped cover up when I slipped. So, the answer? No more slips! Better willpower!!

Still working on how I’ll get that though!

Been to the gym and Zumba today. And I didn’t cheat on my weights (have been doing more reps at a lower weight due to ouchiness) and tried one set of reps on the leg press at 50kg instead of 40. The other 2 weights things I do are 20kg they are something to do with upper back, and chest press, I think!

Was a bit gutted at the gym when I checked my results and it said I’d burnt 6 calories less on my cardio stuff. Not a lot, but I really tried to do more today! Hopefully I’ll be better on Friday. So, this post is more motivational. I hope.

In other news, there’s now other people at Zumba using the machine I use before class to do a health check. I started a trend!!

Zumba and fat class Wednesday

So, it’s Zumba time again. I’m rather unsportingly sitting writing this on my phone while I wait for class to start. I’m feeling anti social.

Today has been a bit rubbish. A lot rubbish, even. Maybe. It might get better.

Baba’s poorly eye has developed into conjunctivitis (thank god I live near a very good eye hospital) and larger child has been a big, naughty grump. And husband has been a bit of a sulky child.

Well, that’s how I feel, anyway.

I, of course, have been lovely.
(I said that’s how I feel, anyway!)

So, anyway.. Today I had a mcdonalds. Bad me! They shouldn’t have made the vegetarian option actually vegetarian! It tempts me. But after an hour at the eye hospital, thinking I’d lost my mobile and various other stressness, it just worked. But I did notice, I didn’t enjoy it as much.

I made a super tea:



2 portions carbs, 1 protein, 3 fruit, 2 dairy, and salad.

I feel a bit better after a bath. Fat club went ok, I lost 2lb. There’s no class next week, something to do with the bank holiday. I’m happier this week, as I only lost 1lb the week before, but think I should be losing more than 2lb a week now I’m at the gym too. So, I need to be better behaved! I want to lose more than 4lb in the two weeks I have until I get weighed properly again.

So, I struggle to get to the gym in the right times, I called in today and bought a key so I can use the machines and run through my program at any time. This means it’ll be easier to go, in theory. I’ll still need to find a babysitter, but I’ll be able to go on a weekend and a Wednesday too (daddy day care!).

I’ve been thinking about the sugar I eat. The amount of sweets I go through increases as I get more tired. So, I just need to get poorly baba sleeping through the night and I’ll be fine. I’m sure that’ll be easy!

I started this post at Zumba, so it’s only right to tell you how it went. The first track was rubbish (it always is) and then the second got worse as it was a new routine, evidently they’d started it last week when I wasn’t there (how typical?) so I felt stupid. Then the next track came on, and not only did I remember what I was doing, I didn’t totally suck at it! So, I may actually be getting the hang of it, a bit. I was better at the cardio bit, but my legs still killed at the legs, bums and tums bit. So, I still need to keep going with the muscle building stuff.

Anyhow, poorly baba is currently asleep, but I’m sure he’ll be up soon!

Goodnight, sleep tight
Don’t let the bed bugs bite xx

Getting there slowly, maybe?

So, today was fat class weight loss class, and I lost another couple of pounds. Which is better than I expected!

Today we learnt about the different kinds of fat, which I genuinely didn’t know too much about before today. So that was interesting. It’s swimming on a Wednesday afternoon. I haven’t been in the pool since going back to work after having my first son, and haven’t worn a swimming costume since I was about 4 months pregnant. So… Today I did both. Kinda brave, I thought. Especially as I’m one of very few people who can’t swim. I get scared, and sink.

Now, sunderland has a very nice swimming pool, in a shiny and still relatively new aquatic centre. I know this, as I’ve sat in the spectators area. And felt slightly ill. So we stick with the nice small pool near us, and I still got nervous about going in with my 4 month old (his first time, and he loved it). Oh, and just for the record, my complete lack of water confidence is due to a bad childhood experience. I’ve had lessons and stuff but it just boils down to the fact that as soon as my feet leave the floor, I panic. So I gave up, and currently work on trying not to pass that trait onto my kids.

After swimming, McDonald’s, to keep the boys happy. I may have eaten a veggie wrap. But I was hungry! Then of to Zumba for some torture exercise, which was ok. Stupidly hot and slightly painful, but unless I keep going through the pain, I won’t feel better.

Still not taking the blood pressure tablets the doctor prescribed. BP tonight was 109/87. I can’t see anything wrong with that!! Keeping a close eye on it, as I don’t have a death wish, just white coat syndrome!

My husband is snoring really, really loudly, I’m off to see if I can sleep through it. Or poke him ’til he stops. Either works for me! ‘night folks!

Daddy Day Care and the start of Week Two!

So, Wednesday is historically ‘daddy daycare’ – the day husband looked after larger child while I was at work. I’m tagging along while on mat leave, the schedule is roughly:

Soft play
Sainsburys lunch

That’s why today is my best day for getting healthy. As long as I can fit in feeding the baba, I can get away with doing some ‘me’ stuff. Like weight loss group. I went today, and the focus was portions, I basically need to eat more fruit (I have already been trying). And measure stuff out, and eat more dairy.

I feel like I’ve kinda eaten more than I normally would, in trying to get the right amounts of the right stuff, but I’ve nearly hit all of my ticky boxes!


I think it’ll be easier on a normal day, when I’m having snacks with the kids during the day. I made my short term goal to eat more fruit – I’ve started this, but want to keep the momentum going. I have to fill in the ticky boxes every day too, I suppose it’s to help you learn until it becomes automatic.

Next week I’ll start the exercise part after the diet class bit, so I’ll see how that goes!

Exercise this week was Zumba, it was silly hot, and I didn’t feel as good, but it was nice to have some time out! I was a little achy from the Zumba DVDs the other day, this is the first time my stomach muscles have ached since being pregnant, so I’m actually kinda glad!!! It’s now 22:41 and I’m trying to get baba to settle back down to sleep, I’m now getting tired.

Foodwise, I made porridge, yoghurt and fruit for brekkie (sounds odd, but it works and I counted the yoghurt as a dairy portion). Another change4life recipe, everyone else ate it too.

I did sainsburys for lunch, giant cous cous and goat’s cheese salad, which was nice, and noodles and veg for tea.

So, not too bad really, a little bit of choccie and a biscuit as a treat. Off to a good start, going to bed full up, but will I be able to keep up the momentum?

Wanted to start a new exercise class tomorrow, I think my back is up to it, but husband got in first with a game of squash. I did point out that he played football on Monday and Tuesday, but apparently it’s too soon for my to risk for back! Ha! Next week I shall kick his ass, and go to a new class!

Weight wise, I put on 1lb since last week. I choose to believe that’s cos I didn’t have time to feed the baby before class! But it’s more likely to be the meal out and alcohol from the weekend. Well, it was an early birthday celebration, and you only turn 30 once!