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Today larger child is at nursery, so baby and me spend the day together. Or rather, he gets to watch me do housework! This does however, mean that I got to sleep late, which is nice.

I’m currently battling with a laundry mountain. It’s all clean, but there seems to be a ton of it! And babs always seems more hungry when we’re on our own. And he seems to be teething, bless him.

Actually managed to stay awake and spend time with husband last night. It still felt stressful, I’m hoping it’ll get better.

I’m stressed about this weekend too. It’s my birthday in 11 days. Not a normal one either. I’m going to be 30. Due to divorce and bits of family not getting along, we’re starting the celebrations early. So, husband has organised a meal with my dad’s side of the family. Meaning both kids are off to his parents for a night. Mammy may partake in some alcohol!!