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Crochet 101 – Getting Started

Getting started

Holding the hook 

Most people hold the hook like a pencil, as shown below:


Slip knot:

Crochet usually starts with a slip knot. To make one:

  • Make a loop of wool around your fingers
  • Pull a second loop through the first
  • Pull tight and adjust loop to the right size (to fit your hook)




Chain Stitch: 

This is the most simple crochet stitch, but is an essential part of nearly all types of crochet.

Start with a slip knot.

1. Loop the wool over the hook (yo)

You now have 2 loops on your hook 


2. Pull the new loop through the original one

You are left with 1 loop, and have made 1 chain stitch


Your finished chain should look similar to ‘finger knitting’ but more consistent, as using a hook means stitches should always be a similar size.



Joining a chain with a slip stitch:


Push the hook through the middle of the first chain made


Make a loop of wool over the hook, and pull through the original loops, leaving the new loop on the hook and joining the start and end of the chain together, creating a circle.




Ch – chain stitch (eg 3ch means 3 chain stitches)

Yo (also written yoh) – Yarn over hook –looping the wool over the hook to create a new loop


Practicing chain and slip stitches – a Little Flower:

Start with a slipknot

  • Chain 15, and join with a slip stitch

  1. *(chain 7, miss 2 stiches, slip stitch in next stitch)

  2. repeat from * 4 times

 Fasten off