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Oh Christmas Tree…

So.. I wanted a little tree for my desk at work. After a bit of searching, I found the pattern for Penny the Pine Tree.

I added some ‘tinsel’ – sparkly yarn (crochet chain) and some ‘baubles’ – needle deleted balls (if you’ve been reading – that’s what they were for!)

I’m quite happy with how it turned out, I’m sure it’ll make my desk look Christmassy!

Crochet 101 – Know your abbreviations

This doesn’t really need an explanation. Well, in case it does… Please see useful stuff below đŸ™‚

beg beginning
bet between
BP back post
cc contrasting colour
ch chain
chlp/ch lp chain loop
ch-sp chain space
CL cluster
dec decrease
FL front loop
FP front post
inc increase
MC main colour
p picot
pc popcorn
rem remain/remaining
rep repeat
rev sc reverse sc
rnd(number) round (number)
RS right side
2tog 2 stiches together (prefixed by type of stitch, eg sc2tog)
sk skip
sp space
st stitch
tog together
WS wrong side
yo/yoh yarn over/yarn over hook

Crochet 101 – What’s your language?

When I first started learning to crochet, the Internet wasn’t such a thing (I know, it’s hard to imagine it not being here!) I feel old Anyway, I learnt mostly from books, which used modern Irish/English terms and names of stitches. 

Nowadays, when I get a new book, I skim the basic stitch instructions to figure out which ‘language’ it uses.

I’ve compiled a basic translator, with some abbreviations also. 

Irish/British US 

Slip Stitch (Sl St) Slip Stitch (Sl St) 

Double Crochet (dc) Single crochet (sc) 

Half Treble crochet (htr) Half Double crochet (hdc) 

Treble crochet (tr) Double crochet (dc) 

Double Treble crochet (dtr) Triple/treble crochet (tr) 

Treble Treble crochet (trtr) Double Treble crochet (dtr) 

 and so on…