Saturday morning headache..

I good time to sort out the yarn haul? Probably not the best idea. But I did it anyway!

I have so many little random balls of yarn that I’ve kept cos they’re too pretty to throw away, but they’ve had no purpose until now. This one is currently becoming butterflies to be random acts of crochet kindness.

I finally got some motivation to do some sewing last night and finish off the random ones I’ve made through the week (mostly cats, for some reason). There are 33 ready to hide, but the weather is looking awful for a while! Still gonna have a few school runs, unless it gets too bad. The tides are pretty high this weekend, so no beach walks. We’ll cope though! One more week at work, then off for a week! (So are the kids, it’s half term..)

Random acts of crochet kindness, ready to head out to the world.

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