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What are we looking for?

“A piece of heaven they say

What are we looking for?

It’s tricky to explain….”

That’s a bit of the wonderful song Foreverland by The Divine Comedy. It’s on my playlist this morning.. so starting the day on the train thinking about what we’re all looking for.

For people on the train this morning, I’m gonna guess – a nap, a lottery win, different/better job… or maybe that’s just me! But I guess that’s a good thing – I’m tired because I’m a parent, a lottery win would get me a bigger house, but we just managed to get most of our roof fixed, so I’m less worried about ours at the minute (although the overcrowding situation can sometimes be a bit much!) And I have nothing at all against my job, except the travel bit. So really, not much falls into the ‘need’ category, it’s mostly a ‘want’ – nice, but I can live without!

What about you? If Foreverland is your ‘happily ever after’, what would make yours?

The Darkness is Coming…

So, my smallest (who’s 4) wanted to try out my headphones. I was cautious, knowing that mine are a hell or a lot louder than his ‘kid friendly’ ones, and most stuff I listen to is quite loud. But, I recently bought the album Foreverland (which is a whole post in itself) and got the ‘classical’ recording of ‘In May’ with it. So thought, he can listen to the introduction of that.

He likes my headphones apparently they are ‘squishier’ than his. His comments on the music? ‘It sounds like the darkness is coming’

A little bit creepy, right?

Repeat experiment, play introduction in the car… Ask again… Response:

‘It’s the darkness coming, it’s like dark magic and it’s gonna make a person be died’
In May is a person singing letters from a person who is dying of cancer. And he’s never heard it before (because of that).

The end of 2014

How to end 2014? Well, how do you end something that feels like it never got started? I don’t feel like I got anywhere this year at all…

I’m ending the year with a bit of a debate… New glasses or new tattoo? It’s currently undecided, the final decision will come down to cost, but I’ve booked an eye test for Sunday and am getting a price for the tattoo tomorrow. Maybe a miracle will happen and I’ll be able to afford both!

The tattoo was winning, until I went to work yesterday. I found that last time I was in, I’d made a mistake. Ok, that happens sometimes.. But you try and avoid it, don’t you? Anyway, the mistake was because I’d misread a letter (as in an individual character, not a whole written thing). Basically, it made me realise I can’t read from the computer screen clearly. And I’m a year overdue new glasses.

Hang on, isn’t an individual character a whole written thing? Let’s not go there…

Anyway.. I’m looking for a way to end the year, as this is likely to be my last post of the year (pictures of glasses of beer excepted!)

So, my song to end this year is the divine comedy’s ‘ten seconds to midnight‘:

Apes turn into men
And grapes turn into wine
How we made it to 9 I’ll never know

Man looks for a mate
But fate plays cruel tricks
And 7 turns to 6
Still he’s alone

Along comes number 5
Eureka, I’m alive
I think there 4 I am a lucky man

From this balcony
The 2 of us can see
The house where we first met 1 wet Sunday

Neil Hannon

Anyway, I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2015 and all your hopes and dreams come true (and stuff like that)