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Work dread

So… I normally dread work on a Monday.. I guess a lot of people do. It’s actually Monday night right now, and I haven’t been to work since Thursday so somehow it’s much worse this week.

I had an extra day off to look after husband, who went to hospital yesterday for tests. We found out a while ago that he has lynch syndrome, which increases his risk of certain types of cancer. Since then, we’ve been waiting for his first screening test, which was yesterday. So, the last few days have been bad. But it’s done, and the news is good, all clear. Screening is now every 18 months, but it can’t be as bad as this first one!

And while he was recovering, husband watched Xmen films. Which led to a conversation about how him being a genetic mutant caused all the stress in the first place. But I guess that’s ok, as long as he’s alright.

So anyway, I should be happy. But instead I’m stressing about going back to work. Which isn’t good. I’m not in a good place there right now and I’m not sure how not to be. But such is life, I guess…. I’m well stocked with camomile tea and rescue lozenges so hopefully I’ll make it through tomorrow.