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“it is 21:18”

I have a thing called a karotz, it’s a talking bunny rabbit (see karotz website if you think I’m nuts). One of the things it does is tell the time. Randomly. I find it weirdly useful to know it’s 21:18. I don’t know why.

I have just tidied my bedside ‘cabinet’ area (replace ‘cabinet’ with ‘random ugly plastic drawer things’ for a more accurate description). It had accumulated a lot of random balls of wool, and unfinished crochet projects. It’s now a bit tidier, I just need to find homes for my birthday presents, and we’ll be all sorted.

Yesterday, I walked three miles to meet for husband at his football match (soccer, in case you’re not in the UK). Was kind of a bit guttered when it turned out he was in the pub, having already finished. Well, I got my exercise for the day, which was the point. I had been suffering much after my gym induction, only my shoulders were sore, I thought they’d have been ok, as I’m used to carrying children. I must use different muscles, I suppose!

So, anyway, being a nice wife, I took the kids to the park, so he husband could still have a pint. It’s a lovely park, and larger child enjoyed it lots:


Husband came to collect us, and we went for lunch, which was good timing, as there was a huge storm, as we got stuck. After the storm, we decided to go for icecream (no, I’m not sure about the logic there either). This is how bad the rain had been:

Pretty harsh! There have been weather warnings for tonight and tomorrow also. Told husband to be careful driving back from football tonight (yes, he’s playing again).

But for now, I think I’ll start a crochet project, and try not to leave it unfinished on my bedside cabinet!

Goodnight all, sleep tight!