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The Siege of Prudhoe Castle…

We decided to check out an English Heritage event and explore a new castle.

The history bit: it’s 1464 and the Yorkists are defeating the Lancastrian army, who William Burgh (guy who holds castle) is loyal to. The rest, I suppose, is History… (really sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

I have to say, I was impressed and so were the kids. The siege was broken into 3 parts, but there was plenty of things going on in between.

Highlights included:

The woman of Northumberland defended the castle with frying pans and hammers


The castle was stormed…


And the boss dude made a plan

There were guns and cannons, swords, archers and grenades. Explosions, shouting and fighting.

And there was music (which my kids actually sat and listened to!!)