A little bit of honesty…

Sometimes things suck. I bet you normally pretend they don’t. I know I do. Sometimes there are lots and lots of things that all want to be done at the same time and my brain wants to explode. Sometimes I think I’m on top of everything and things are going ok and am happyish. And then sometimes someone sticks a pin in the happy balloon and it’s all shit rubbish again.

Someone did that to me recently.. Can you tell?

Anyway, this is supposed to be a ‘stuff in general’ post. This thing where I have a plan dictates that I should have done this last week. I didn’t.

So… Stuff in general… Well… Not great if I’m being honest, so I’ll keep it short. Not much to report. Except well… My brain actually hurts. And I need to sleep and it’s really very cold in here.

I give up!


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