Daily Archives: 3rd September 2012

The most lamentable comedy?

On Saturday night I dragged a slightly reluctant husband to the local park. We’re there on a fairly regular basis chasing a 2 year old, but all children had been sent to see grandparents, so we could have a ‘grown up’ night out.

The park itself is very pretty:

I’d read (on Facebook), that a local acting group were putting on a play in the park. Shakespeare’s ‘A midsummer night’s dream’. So, I thought we’d go along and see what it was like. Now, like a lot of people, I read that. At school. A long time ago.

But, I’ve never seen it performed before (I’d like to think I was in the minority there). It restored my belief that plays are not really meant to be read as a book, when you’re 15, because your teacher tells you too. They should be seen, and not discussed to death. I know schools take children to the theatre nowadays, but mine didn’t. I would recommend anyone poring over a letts study guide to get out and actually watch something, and unfortunately, you’ve just missed a great opportunity. Anyway, rant over.

The idea (as I understand it) is to make better use of spaces (better use being theatre). Now parks are fine during the day, but on an evening, you expect them to be full of grouchy teenagers in hoodies (with optional cider/cigarettes).

However, the park was a perfect setting, as we followed the actors to different locations for different scenes, the audience were more like bystanders, watching events unfold in a far less formal atmosphere than you’d expect to be watching Shakespeare in. I (and husband), had a brilliant evening, and will definitely be following the group to see what else they come up with.

They are theatre space NE and seem to be on a mission to use space for good, and I hope they continue to do so, and bring us more in the future.


Off course, of course

So, I’ve been quiet for a little bit. I put 1lb back on, and have been off track ever since. Am now actually worried about getting weighed on Wednesday. Never mind! Tomorrow is another day.

One of the reasons for my naughty eating habits this weekend has been my house. It’s having a birthday next year, it’ll be 100. And it needed a repaint (outside) and a boundary wall repairing. So we thought. A couple of days work. So we thought.

So, we packed off the kids, my dad (all round DIY expert) came over and… Stuff starting dropping off, and looking damp (never a good thing!). In short, part of my house that was rendered is now naked.

I have some pretty red bricks though! So, how does that make you eat badly? I hear you ask… Well. When working, it is customary to feed the workers. Something quick and easy, so as not to interrupt the work much. So, chips and vegetable pakora for lunch. It’s also customary to provide refreshments. Which means beer. And as the kids were staying out, it meant more beer later (and a date night, but I’m going to try a ‘proper’ serious write up on that one next).

So, it’s all gone a bit awry. But I have been burning calories doing crochet (If google says it burns more calories than watching telly, I believe it!) and have finished of a couple of projects that have been hanging around:


Just for clarification, the blanket was the project, not the baby! He’s the blanket tester. I also made a couple of new things:



I’m trying to make a hat right now, which is a bit of a challenge. And I want to write about what I did at the weekend, but my broadband is off (as usual!) and I can’t figure out how to link to the site on my phone. I’m sure I’ll find a way!!