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I’m not sure what’s going on

I don’t think I’m too bad as a person. I try my best and stuff. But recently I’ve been, well, ignored by some of my family. It started with not getting a birthday card from an aunt, then my sister.

Now I sent a text to say my little one has conjunctivitis, and got no reply. So I sent another one, asking if anyone had sympathy for him (he’s 5 months old). Still nothing. I mean, I wasn’t expecting much, just a text message asking how he was maybe.

And it’s nearly the end of the holidays, and my sister hasn’t met up with me once during the day.

I know I’m whining, but I haven’t slept for 3 days, I’m looking after a poorly baba and trying to amuse a toddler, all without spending any money.

And it hard when it feels like there’s no one else cares.

Ok, rant over! I have to get the kids ready and go out.

Too old to go out drinking?

So I’m going out tonight… I feel a bit old. I remember just getting dressed, sticking a bit of make up on, and leaving the house. Now, even with larger child at nursery, I seem to have been preparing for most of the day, and I’m still no where near sorted!

We’re going for a meal, just the two of us, for my final birthday celebration (when you turn 30, you get lots of celebrations), then heading for Newcastle for a night out for Ian’s best friends birthday.

We’re trying a Thai place on the seafront, I’ll try to remember if it was nice or not! After this, I need to settle down and concentrate on being good! And stop drinking again too. I have my gym induction tomorrow, which is bad planning on my part! So, my gym gear is packed already, just so I’m prepared.

I’m sitting here having a coffee (decaf, of course) whilst little one is napping. I really wanted to be tidying up in my bedroom, but can’t cos he’s asleep in there. But I’m sitting here feeling old… I’d rather go to the cinema and have an early night than trail round bars… Maybe something has changed now I’m 30? Am I past it?